Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Feet, Shoes and Superstition: Footprints and lucklines

From prime evil society footprints have had occult association. Early cave paintings and sculptured stones depict footprint iconography surrounded by meandering or serpentine lines. These are thought to represent "luck lines" to secure magical protection for individuals setting out on a journey. In Paleolithic cave paintings, crude footprints were drawn near images of fish and wounded bison thought to bring luck to the tribes’ hunters. Similar imagery was found in the contemporary art of indigenous Australians.

In the US, the squaws of the Zuni Indian tribe, kept safe the earth from their significant partner’s footprints to protect them from harm and reduce the males’ sexual ardor. Ceremonial harming of footprints was thought to bring harm to the owner.

Reviewed 29/08/2018

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  1. Hi there. Interesting info on shoe superstitions. I live in Derbyshire where Baslow church has a piece of lead cut from roof where several shoe symbols have been scratched "for luck?"- these dated 1790s but I understand the practice goes back to medieval times.